2018 Tournament Rules

*All games will be officiated by the North Coast Referee Association or similar *
Daily admission into gym is $5 for adults and $3 for children and seniors. (Please make sure your families are aware of this entry fee).
All tournaments will provide trophies for first, second, and third place in each division.
Saturday Pool Play games will be two eighteen-minute running halves and Sunday bracket games will be two twenty-minute running halves. The last two minutes of second half will be stop time. If a team has a fifteen-point or greater lead,the clock will continue to run the last two minutes of the game. Time-outs and injuries will be stop time. Half times will be four minutes (three minutes if games are running behind). First overtime will be 2 minutes of stop time and the second overtime will be sudden death. If a team is up by fifteen points or more, the winning team cannot press. No zone defense OR zone press in 4th/5th grade divisions.
* TIE-BREAKER Rule: Five Team Pool – A tie within a pool will be broken based on the least points allowed in the three previous games combined. Due to gym space availability and time, you will not play all five teams in your pool. The #1 team in each Pool will play four games on Saturday in order to allow all teams to play three games. The fourth game played by the #1 team will not count for seeding purposes. Based on win/loss records, seeding for Sunday’s brackets will be determined on Saturday evening.